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  • Operation PAR, Outpatient Detoxification

    6150 150th Ave North
    Clearwater, FL 33760
    (888) 727-6398

    Outpatient Drug Detoxification

  • Operation PAR, Inpatient Detoxification

    6150 150th Avenue North
    Clearwater, FL 33760
    (888) 727-6398

    Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities, Inpatient Drug Detoxification

  • Operation PAR, Medication Assisted Treatment

    6150 150th Avenue North
    Clearwater, FL 33760
    (352) 666-5709

    Drug Use Disorder Counseling, Medication Assisted Maintenance Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders, Opioid Detoxification

  • Operation PAR, Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center

    14500 49th St N, Ste 135
    Clearwater, FL 33762
    (727) 464-7455

    General Assessment for Substance Use Disorders, Drug/Alcohol Testing, Status Offender Detention Alternatives

  • WestCare, Outpatient Treatment Services/Davis Bradley

    1735 S. Martin Luther King St.
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33705
    (727) 502-0188

    Drug Detoxification, Support Groups, Parenting Skills Classes

  • Windmoor Healthcare, Clearwater

    11300 US Highway 19 North
    Clearwater, FL 33764
    (727) 541-2646

    Drug Use Disorder Day Treatment, Alcohol Use Disorder Day Treatment, Inpatient Drug Use Disorder Treatment Facilities, Inpatient Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Facilities, Drug Detoxification, Electroshock Therapy, Psychiatric Day Treatment, Psychiatric Emergency Room Care, Suicide Counseling, Gambling Addiction Counseling/Treatment, Psychiatric Inpatient Units

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